What are the advantages of spay and neuter?


  • The male can no longer fertilise.

  • Life expectancy increases statistically by more than two years.

  • Mood states such as aggressiveness or nervousness decrease and they are also prevented from running away from home.

  • Castration has many health benefits:

  • Prostate tumors or abscesses, epilepsy, Sticker sarcoma are removed. And all diseases of the testicles are ruled out.

  • The dogs character is improved by reducing aggressiveness.

  • In the absence of the reproductive instinct, cats or neutered dogs are less involved in accidents and less injured.


  • There are no more offspring!

  • Life expectancy increases by more than 2 years.

  • The female will never be in heat again. Moods such as aggressiveness or nervousness decrease, also preventing them from running away from home.

  • Spaying has many health benefits:

  • Breast tumors, epilepsy, sexually transmitted diseases, and Sticker sarcoma are less common. In addition, ovarian diseases and endometritis are ruled out.

For the health of the owners

  • Spaying offers advantages to the pet owner, whether they are dogs or cats, as the animal will have a much calmer attitude, be sociable with the people around them and other animals, will not mark territory or suffer heat. But especially spaying helps to make them more controllable and less aggressive animals.

For the local community

  • It is important to avoid overcrowding of colonies of stray animals as they really represent a problem for our community. They can be aggressive with children and each other, as well as causing traffic accidents.