Are you a veterinary student?

What students should know before they start their internship:

  • They must be in their final year of studies.

  • They should have knowledge of the basic principles of surgery and the anatomy of the reproductive system of animals. (Fossum, small animal surgery, 4rd edition, Chapter "Surgery of reproductive and genital systems").

  • We have a house exclusively to accommodate the students.

  • The recommended duration for the internship is one to two weeks.

  • Reservations will be made through a Dutch organisation: e-mail: (we are part of your project)

What is an internship?

  • We give you the opportunity to learn how to neuter pets.

  • Students always learn and work under strict veterinary supervision.

  • Animal welfare is guaranteed (surgeries are performed under general anesthesia only)

  • Surgeries are performed according to aseptic surgical procedures.

  • The veterinarian will answer any questions that arise during the traineeship.

Remember 3 points that are the basis of a good professional


Identify the problem and its root causes, analyse all clues and find a solution.


Having dexterity is vital in surgery, knowing how to suture well and securely is the most important part. Knowing how to sew or play an instrument, for example, can be a great advantage in the dexterity of your hands.


Love animals, want to help them and do no harm.