Video of male castrationgranavet

Video of female spaygranavet

How can I organise this?

The Granavet Veterinary Clinic offers this procedure at a specially reduced price. The cost is:

  • Cat – male or female: 36,30€
  • Dog – male or female : 60.50€
  • Pre-operative checks not included

Always in groups of mínimum 10 dogs or cats or a combination of both. Thanks to this, different neighbourhood communities can organise between themselves to spay and neuter their pets in a safe and accesible way.

This method also allows different Associations, Refuges, Animal Protections and Town Halls to come to the Granavet Clinic to assist in their spay and neuter campaigns for street animals in their community.

Remember! Before the spay and neuter:

  • Make an appointment
  • The dogs and cats should have fasted from the night before the operation
  • The dogs must arrive with a collar and leash
  • The cats must be in a cat carrier box with a towel inside

In addition, the Granavet Clinic offers an approved transport service for those who need it. If this is your first time with Granavet, download and fill in the following form. Dont forget to bring it with you, completed and signed.